Last minute packing 101

Where I shopped

When it comes to traveling there is one thing I can’t stand and that is packing! So of course I leave packing, for a 5 month trip to Belgium, for the last minute. I wish I can take my entire room, preferably just all my shoes, but unfortunately I am limited to one suitcase and one carry on…A mission indeed if you ask me. Then there is also the problem of my dislike for shopping. Thanks to that I needed to buy way too many things for this trip. So these last two days involved shopping in the morning and packing at night, equaling to a very exhausted girl. Luckily I ended one of my nights with Popeyes, which makes up for the stressful day! Hmm I wonder if there’s a Popeyes in Belgium? I highly doubt it though.

I’m very nervous about this trip! Never left home for such a long time but it should all be worth it! I plan on going on many adventures and enjoying everyday even if it rains! I don’t plan on taking this for granted because getting to live this experience definitely wasn’t easy. I’m definitely grateful especially for my mom she’s done so much to make this happen! And of course the support from the rest of my family and friends!

Belgium better be ready for me! 🙂

In the process of packing

Well deserved dinner

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