Airport Madness

My beautiful view!

Leaving the airport

It wouldn’t be right if I had a normal experience at the airport. As soon as I arrive I end up waiting 45min at a terminal and line I did not belong in because my flight itinerary decided to have the wrong instructions! I was PARANOID! I had an hour and some minutes to get on my plane. Thanks to my mom I made it to my gate on time (never have I seen her walk faster than me before!!!)

On the plane I realized how much I hate turbulence! I was freaking out! Then there’s my, “not being able to sleep on planes,” problem. And of course I was sitting in the back in an isle seat so everyone bumped into me, and the lights from the back were always on! OH! How can I forget the random man puking his guts out behind me!

I felt the biggest relief when I saw Dublin! Just knowing we weren’t flying over water made me feel safer for some reason and it meant I was finally in Europe! I actually arrived an hour ahead of schedule (5 hour flight instead of 6.) Bad thing is that now my poor body doesn’t know what’s going on! I got off the plane and felt the exhaustion instantly! The Belgian airport was something else though. I saw a dog, a weird man,  a girl who left her luggage by itself for a good 15min then came back and started playing with a balloon, and a bunch of taxi cab men with signs waiting for their passengers. Had no idea dogs were allowed in airports! o_o I ended up waiting a good 45min with my cab guy for a girl who didn’t even show up .__.

Things could of been much worse but they weren’t. What’s life without some adventures?! I’m just happy that I didn’t miss my flight and that I’m finally at my host house (my home for the next four months!)

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