Self Tour of Brussels

Hill to “Flagey”

My day was seriously just not real! It easily started semi-peacefully to finish up in the wildest of afternoons! By the end of the day I was so grateful for every French teacher/professor I had throughout the 6 years I have taken French courses. It really helped me get by throughout the day and make it back home in one piece at a decent time!

So let the story begin… It was my first day traveling alone in Brussels, Belgium. My first task was to take the Tram (a very sophisticated version of the RiverLine for my North and South Jersey people.) Of course I took a wrong turn and got lost for five minutes. But my French skills got me in the right direction! Then I literally get lost in the Vesalius campus for a half hour! Seriously? Like Rutgers is three times VeCo’s size and I only got seriously lost at RU JUST ONCE (ironic as you will see below.) But I made it to my French placement exam and got into the class I wanted for French! SUCCESS! 

Wish I knew the name of this Sculpture

Next getting to my internship interview. Let me just say that I seriously gave myself a tour of Brussels! I felt like Freshman year in RU walking Douglass campus by foot but 10x worse! I would like to thank New York City and Rutgers University for allowing me to be a pro at taking public transportation and walking! I honestly don’t know how I did it! To get to my internship interview I used a horrible Google map (I suck at maps) and literally checked every street sign! I stayed positive and tried to black out the thought that I was in black formal wear (skirt and all) while my tights rubbed and became irritated! Then to get back I was given directions that ended up in “ask someone for the street as soon as you get off the bus” BUT no one knew where the street was .__. mind you it was around the block! I bought myself some shampoo, conditioner, and umbrella while on my journey and bumped into some cool places!

My host grandparents enjoyed listening to my French version of my story I was going IN (in French) they were laughing so hard but very proud I managed to find my way back all on my own!! You just have to make it happen and find a way! There is a possibility for everything!


My roommate Courtney is finally here!!! My midwest roommate but I still think she’s from down south! A White Southern girl and Dominican girl together I smell danger… Belgium WATCH OUT! But we really get along! I played her some Trey Songz and she played me some Dave Matthews Band. It’s all about experiencing new things here in Europe! 🙂

“Howdy Ya’ll” – Courtney

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