From Normal to Crazy

Being tourist on our way to school

My day started out pretty normal looked like much wasn’t going to happen for the day. It was Courtney’s first day of school. I decided to take her on a small tour of half of the school since we had 15min to kill before class registration. We ended up crossing some invisible border between the French and Dutch sides of the school!! We were so lost! Apparently the school has two sides and we are part of the Dutch side. It was incredible the French side was so different! It was truly fascinating to see. Now it make sense as to why there’s little French around the school.

Crossing the border

I registered for classes and the schedule didn’t look half bad. Like two three hour classes but RU prepared me well for those. Then the internship program coordinator comes and tells me I still have to attend another interview .__. I have jeans on!!! First time I go to an interview so informal never have I felt so unprepared in my life! But the lady seemed to have liked me and it helped that she didn’t look as formal as I figured she would. It would of been nice if they gave me the correct address getting there!  But it wouldn’t have been right if I didn’t get lost getting there and going back to VeCo. My legs and feet feel like I’ve been running a marathon!

Then me and Courtney went on a mission to find a flatiron! I had no idea what was the French word for flatiron! We looked like mimes trying to act out a flatiron to the beauty shop lady! As we walked back a man that helped me and Courtney find the store used me to translate to her how he would like to take her for a drink of Coffee (Courtney doesn’t like coffee.) He said she has the most sweetest face (I was invited as well since I was translating.) It was the funniest thing ever! The guy wouldn’t take no for an answer… felt like forever till he FINALLY let us go. Did I mention he was like in his 40s and was definitely buying some type of hair growth product at the beauty shop?

We get back and it was the last day that our host grandparents were spending with us 😦 It was so sad!! I got so used to them and they were so sweet! They were the best! I will truly miss them!

On our walk to the Tram I heard my first French cat call! (towards Courtney of course who apparently is the European man’s dream.) It was “Ca va cherie?” That seriously made my night! It was hilarious!!! I told Courtney it was nice for a change that a creep wasn’t trying to holla at me 😀

My first full beer in Belgium

Me and Courtney were going on our first night social with our school. It was an event called “Pub Crawl.” Yes my first night social was a pub hopping event!! After experiencing Belgian night life I have to say that if you like to go hard just go to Belgium! I’ve never seen so many bars in my life! We went to this place called “Delirium,” the name explains it all! However, before we went to “Delirium” we started off the night at school at this place called “KK’s.” Had my first full beer! It was called “Duvet” and it definitely set my mood for the rest of the night. We then took the metro (train.) It was crazy so many people from school occupied the metro it was hilarious! Next bar we bought shots of Tequila! Jose Cuervo for a toast to an amazing semester in Belgium!

Toast to an amazing semester!

Then we finally headed to Delirium. It was seriously just not real!! I honestly just thought wow my friends would love this place! The place was PACKED! It was just a very tight street full of bars with people in and out the bars drinking!

On another note…some guy called me and my friends ugly and thought I didn’t understand French. His friend knew I did because I was speaking to him in French the entire time. He tried to tell me his friend was stupid, that I was very beautiful, and that he wishes me a good trip. I thought that was sweet.

What a night! 

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