From Bug Bites to Spanish music

I have been getting attacked by Belgian bugs!! >:O I have counted approximately 10 bites! I don’t know why bugs love to bite me! This problem needs to get fixed! Maybe buying bug repellant?

Community yard sale

Well I finally made it to Downtown Bruxelles! I took out my camera and became a tourist for the day! But of course getting there was not easy! Courtney went on Google and mapped out a bus route for us to take. We arrive at the first stop and of course the bus was not stopping for the next four to five stops! A portuguese lady asked us if she could follow us to the next stop because she didn’t really know where she was going and we kindly assist her (we really didn’t know our way either but saying no is just rude!) As we begin to walk we realize why the bus was not stopping at any of the previous stops… a small community was having a yard sale! It was the most interesting thing to see! Every house had an abundance of things just waiting to be sold. We eventually made it to the working bus stop and the portuguese lady spoke to us for a little. She explained to us how she works with boys who have autism teaching  them Portuguese. I found her very interesting that’s a very cool job if you ask me.

We finally arrive to Downtown Bruxelles! Absolutely beautiful! I of course before anything had my first frites Belgique (Belgium fries.) They are pretty big and you can have them with any sauce that you prefer mayonnaise, ketchup, cocktail sauce, and even, some spicy sauve I will never try (not a fan of spicy food.)

Frites Belgique

The buildings are gorgeous! They have so many details and for being so old they are very well kept! Architects are just so creative! To come up with buildings so beautiful that you can just stare at forever! The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and everything was just so peaceful. We visited Cathédrale Saints-Michel-et-Gudule, La Grand-Place, Mont des ArtsLe palais Royale, and even stumbled upon a gypsy circus. We haven’t even seen everything there was to see either and we saw so much!

Brussels – the Mont des Arts view

Hoegaarden Beer

Of course the night ended by stopping at a couple of bars. Had some Hoegaarden and Stella beer, very tasty beers. It was a great night for me! As I was drinking my beer out of nowhere Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro” started playing! I was so happy that music I understood and loved was playing in Belgium. I had my own little party on my seat and danced! At the next bar there was even more spanish music! For my Dominicans let me just tell you that Omega was playing in Belgium! That had to be the biggest shock and laugh I had the entire night. The man is crossing borders with his music. Beers and Spanish music felt like I was at home!


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