Ma premiere jour de classe (My First Day Of Class)

VeCo building: Where i’ll be taking all my classes

Bonjour! Today was my first day of class! And what better way to start the semester than with a French class 🙂 Things went great especially when the professor said that we did not need a book for class! My bank account immediately became happier!

After class I had certain errands to run. The night before I intensively looked up the directions to a store (whose website was in dutch o_0) to purchase some school supplies. Google maps said the place was just approximately 12min away, but somehow I ended up walking for 1.5 hours! I couldn’t find the store and didn’t realize as I walked that I passed the area in which the store should of been located. But I did find some interesting stuff during my endless walk. I first found this beautiful fountain in the middle of this residential area. I sat and decided to think a little and snap a picture of it while I was there.

Residential Fountain

I also found a hair salon that charged 13 Euros for shampoo and a blow dry!!! 😀 That made the walk soo worth it! I been looking for a place to do my hair! I also found an Aldi. I had no idea Belgium had those, felt like I was back home (I peeked inside the window like a creep and it looked just like the ones in the U.S.) I also found a huge supermarket, which was where I ended up buying two notebooks, one folder, and a pack of three post-its all for 5 Euros! I felt very accomplished. Only problem I had at the supermarket was that when I approached the cashier there was a man in front of me that STANK! I’m sorry but I literally felt dizzy his body odor was just too much for me! I think the cashier felt it too because she looked a bit disturbed. I wonder if his wife or girlfriend was smelling it?! Smh! I would never let my man walk with such a stench!

On another note I decided to do some research because I kept thinking about the Royal Palace “Palais Royale” in Brussels. So I found out that Albert II is the current King of Belgium (the sixth King of the country!) The first King was Leopold I. Pretty interesting how people are just born into monarchy. “Princess Tiffany” ^__^Now to find that prince! – Learn more about the Belgian Royale Family and its history!

Palais Royale

1 thought on “Ma premiere jour de classe (My First Day Of Class)

  1. damonxgrant

    From your trip it feels like I’m getting a history lesson and learning about a new culture at the same time and I’m loving it


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