The Life Of A Tram Taker – Friday

The things I find omw to my internship

These past two days have been so long! I took the tram a lot! I’ve  never taken public transportation so much! Unbelievable! I seriously took the tram 4 times and the bus 3 times on Friday! Public transportation has seriously become my life, especially the tram, and boy do I hate public transportation! That’s what I get for complaining so much in the states. First, I had to take the bus to my internship at Accessible Art Fair. I managed to find my way there without getting lost! I was so proud of myself. I remembered most of the way from last time I got lost trying to get back home. I also took pictures of the map online with my iTouch JUST in case. It took 1.5 hours to get there with traffic!! Just not real! Sheesh! So I’m at the internship meeting my new co.interns and they tell me there’s a more direct way to get to the internship and back from where I live… with the tram! .__.  (I prefer the tram than the bus) Google Maps in Europe Sucks!! That’s the conclusion I came to after the heinous way it was telling me to go when the tram takes me a more direct way!! 

Once I got back home I had to take the tram again to finally get my hair done! I must say that the French lady did a good job! I was a bit uncomfortable the first few minutes there because there were only old ladies at the hair salon. I was also really scared to how the French lady was going to handle my dominican hair! Luckily I got this hair relaxed before going to Europe! The struggles a girl goes through when she doesn’t know how to do her own hair! I must say when she was washing my hair the massage she gave me was absolutely heavenly!!! I felt like I was in the clouds! Everything came out to 18 Euros, which is not bad because they put some amazing stay in conditioner on my hair.

Guys round at the beer chugging competition

Finally, it’s night time! After taking the tram, yet again, to get back home I get dressed to go to another VeCo social event. This time is a “beer chugging competition night.” Apparently this is normal here. There was like a reigning champion and everything. I decided to join the competition! I figured, “what the hell! How many times can I say a joined a beer chugging competition in Europe.” Surprisingly, I managed to make it to the second round! I was pretty proud of myself! But I definitely keep underestimating the amount of alcohol percentage in Belgian beer! I also never seen people chugg beer so fast!!! I was impressed! Overall, It was a really good night with friends! Even met some new people including a Belgian student that studied abroad in RU! Glad I went out and bonded with my new VeCo family!

Girls round at beer chugging competition

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