Euros! >:O!!!!!

They truly make me feel like I’m wasting way too much money! Though, my friend Carly told me I should see it as spending not wasting but my cheap self can’t help it! Yahoo Finance is telling me that $1 = .79 Euros. I seriously didn’t want to think about it but today as I shopped at this beauty store, Di Beauty & Care a popular chain of beauty stores in Belgium, I just felt like everything was too expensive!

Products I bought today

First of all! The only body product (lotion and soap) I use in America that Europe has is Dove. I like to use St. Ives face wash, sometimes Bioré, also St. Ives body lotion. Unfortunately, it seems like those products aren’t sold in Belgium I was stuck choosing between Nivea and Garnier. There were other products but I honestly was not going to risk it. I chose Garnier because I use their hair products but I had NO IDEA they also made face wash and all these other products! The total for the three products came out to be 12.47 Euros, which Yahoo Finance tells me is 15.7035!!! 😥 Makes me want to cry! Especially because I had to recharge my sim card with 15 Euros so I could get unlimited texting for a month! I don’t even want to know what the conversion of that is! ._. I’ve been paying everything with cash so now that I started using my card it just all been hitting me…… The European life!


Muffin de chocolat

Muffin au chocolat

To make myself feel better I stopped by the pâtisserie/Boulangery (bakery) around the corner from my house and bought

myself a “muffin au chocolat” chocolate muffin! ^__^ It lifted up my spirits! This bakery could be a problem! Good thing I started doing some crunches at night 😉

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