I Got Mail!

Care package

Today I visited the Belgian post office Bpost. Turns out this post office is also a bank! For a bank/post office I found the place to be extremely small. It was so crowded that the place had a ticket system and they attended you by number. When I got there they where on number 318 and I was 341 .__. I was sweating so much! People were allowed to leave and come back once they got their ticket but NO WAY was I missing my turn. It seemed like everyone was cashing their checks so the line was moving slower than ever. Finally, I used my French speaking skills to get my package. To my surprise it was a care package from my sorority sister Suzy! ^__^ Oh Boy was I excited when I opened it and saw the contents! Granola bars, hot coco, pudding mix, chocolates, peanuts, tea, and even sazon (spanish seasoning.) She even added a cute little owl card that I shall display on my dresser for the remainder of my stay here! The package made my day!

Tomorrow, I have to return to BPost and attempt to argue in French x__x My mom mailed me a package that according to Bpost’s online database arrived a week agoHowever, I have yet to receive slips for pick-up though online it says I have! >:O Sigh! let’s see how things goes tomorrow!

Wish me luck! 

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