The European Style

Talk about a relaxing day! I can so get used to Thursdays! ^__^

My mommy’s package

Today, I went to figure out what was the deal with the package from my mother. I went to Bpost determined to get my package not scared of the intense French speaking that awaited me! I went yesterday but of course they would open at 10am and not 9am on wednesdays. Surprisingly, I managed to get my point across better than expected too! The only time me and the teller had an issue understanding each other was when he asked me to sign a piece of paper. I don’t think I have ever heard the word for signature… I signed and after I handed him back the paper he continues to repeat the same word… I said “oui” and he asked me if that was my signature. .__. YES that’s my signature!  Sheesh! Guess he didn’t like it. He sounded like my mom who always says I have a horrible signature. *Shrugs!* 

My new scarf collection

Well my mother’s package made me very happy!! She sent me so many scarves!! I officially feel European*Wearing a scarf is apparently the European look* You can wear a scarf with a sweat suit here and still manage to look good! She also sent me some school supplies I needed and some new accessories!! I’m becoming in love with studs! I was always a hoops girl but this European lifestyle has me changing my ways! 🙂 I must say it was a good start to my day!

Side note: Men bags are also very popular here! I see so many men with bags throughout the day! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man with a bag in the states.

Since we are on the topic of fashion let me express my sadness. The other day I looked at the bottom of

Brand new Baker boots 😦

my brand new Baker boots that I bought before I came to Belgium… It’s official I walk wayyy too much!! My poor boots are already deteriorating at the bottom!! 😦 I almost shed a tear!!

3 thoughts on “The European Style

  1. D

    Too cute, I love scarves so any that you don’t want you can send to me!! Studs are awesome! Looks like you may need to invest in some good boots for next time! ❤

  2. damonxgrant

    Glad you got your package from your mom and walking will do that to shows, I walk so much the last pair of sneakers I brought was kinda comming apart before the end of last school year


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