French Music

Tonight after dinner I bonded with my host sister. She is absolutely adorable! I enjoy talking to her so much. We discussed music and dancing. She showed me what’s “hip” here with the French speaking population. We also danced a little 😀

The first video is my favorite out of all the ones she showed me. It is by Tal and Sean Paul. The beat reminds me of back home. 

The most ridiculous video she showed me was a French rap video o_O It is by Big Ali, PZK, Dogg SoSo and DJ Chris Prolls. This is definitely NOT the kind of rap I’m used too! Where’s Lil’ Wayne when you need him!

That video reminded me of Eminem back during his Slim Shady days. I think that’s as much French rap as I’ll be listening too during my stay in Europe.

The next video was so catchy I couldn’t resist but to put it up also. It’s called “Toi et moi” which translates to “you and me” in English

It’s so interesting to see how music sounds in a different language.

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