Bi-Polar Weather

Brussels forecast for this week

Have you ever walked around with a broken umbrella and attempted to somehow still protect yourself from the rain with it? Well I’ve had too for the past week! The weather in Belgium is absolutely Bi-Polar! I’ve experienced the freezing cold, strong chilly winds, rain, and hot sun all in ONE day! One minute is cloudy and the next is bright. Talk about mood swings! You never know what to expect here! For instance, yesterday, I wanted to just be under my sheets ALL day! I was so cold! I had 2 sweaters and my jean jacket on! That night I realized I was also a bit under the weather. I felt so fatigued the entire day! I ended up taking some ibuprofen and drinking some tea before bed and woke up today feeling like a million bucks!

European Keyboard

Today, after a failed attempt to try to fix my umbrella, I went to the copy center to make some copies. As I was there I decided to also print some stuff. I realized how I can never type a paper in the copy center’s computer! The keyboard is so different here! It’s bigger with more buttons! I felt like a novice who’s never used a computer attempting to type “” It really took me a good 2 minutes to type the whole thing ._. 

Tram Life

On my way home I thought about how I seriously needed to buy an umbrella before it really poured on me! I couldn’t continue using the broken umbrella it was getting pretty embarrassing! But I just really didn’t feel like walking all the way to the supermarket from the tram! It’s a good 15min walk and I was feeling lazy. So when I got off the tram I was determined to find a shortcut to the supermarket! Miraculously, I did! ^__^ And I didn’t get lost looking for it! I felt so proud of myself! I ended up buying not only the umbrella I needed but nail polish remover, Q-tips, and cotton patches! Talk about a productiveafternoon!

My cake! ^_^

I ended my night doing something I loved as a child! COLORING! My host sister, roommate, and I had a little bonding session! I will always be a kid at heart! Moments like these are the ones you will always remember at the end!

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