Laundry, Birthday, & Shopping

Belgian Laundromat

The table of food!

Friday, it was back to the Laundromat, I have 6 more laundry trips after this one. Like last time I only had 2 loads of clothes (dark colors and light colors) all for 8 Euros. I was sure that this time around I would get the hang of the machines. I put the clothes to wash and then left for about a half hour to let the clothes wash (laundromat is only down the street from where I live.) When I came back I realized that I needed to put detergent for the second wash where I put detergent for the first wash ._. (The machine washes your clothes twice so you have to pour detergent twice) I don’t get why there needs to be two washes and four different places to insert detergent and softener! After studying the picture that indicates where all the different types of detergent and softerner go I am determined to get it right the next time! But nonetheless my clothes were washed ^_^ Plus It only takes each load 20min to dry which only cost 1 euro a load! ^_^Just had to add that because it made me happy!

Mother-Daughter Love! ❤

That night was my host mom’s birthday celebration! Her daughter made all the preparations for the festivities…She’s only 10 years old. She made the invitations, e-mailed them, got the decorations, a gift for her mom, cooked, decorated, DJ-ed the party and hosted all of us! That had to be one of the sweetest things I’ve seen! Everything came out great! She did an exceptional job! The food was wonderful and she had a cute fun theme going on! I just love seeing a beautiful mother-daughter relationship! They make me smile and miss my mom  Side note: One of my host moms friends brought caviar! First time I’ve ever tasted it and it was delish! It was salmon, sour cream, and caviar in a little cup! ^_^ 

Shopping at H&M in Brussels

Today, my host mom took me to a mall! I’m not a shopper but it was interesting to see how malls here are still regular malls. I had to do some small shopping. I needed a thicker sweater with a hood because all this cold and rain isn’t doing me any good. I ended up shopping at H&M because I knew I would of found what I needed (bought myself a shirt dress and a hat as well.) As she drove us to the mall I realized how different it is to look at Brussels from inside a car. I was in awe at how we went from older buildings to newer buildings in seconds. We even drove in a highway with so many trees and bushes! It seriously reminded me of back home! Brussels is filled with so much diversity even in it’s scenery! It made me want to go on one of those bus tours!

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