“Chef Moi”

Cooking the meat and sauce

Yesterday, I cooked in Brussels for the first time. I went to Carrefour (European supermarket) with my roommate and I had no idea what to make. There are absolutely no hispanic (I’m Dominican) ingredients in any regular European supermarket. No Adobo, platanos, salami, sopita, “vino de cocinar,” etc.

“C’est fini” It is finished

 Once inside the Carrefour I figured I would get an idea of what to make in the meat section… so I first headed there. I found a small piece of beef for about 2 Euros. I decided to make “bistek guisado” fried beef in red sauce usually with peppers and onions. I went to find some tomato cooking sauce but all I found was sliced tomatoes in a can but luckily it had a lot of tomato juice so I settled for that. Instead of adding onions and peppers (I wasn’t about to complicate my life) I decided to add some mushrooms since I found canned mushrooms. To go along with the “bistek” I bought pre-made Uncle Ben’s rice (it was seasoned with tomato sauce and olive oil.)

Ready to eat

To start off I sliced the beef into strips and seasoned it with the saźon my friend mail me, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. I then put some olive oil in the pan and waited a couple of minutes until it was hot. After the oil was hot I threw the beef in and waited for it to cook. Then added the tomato sauce and mushrooms. I let it all cook for a couple of minutes while I microwaved the Uncle Ben’s rice.

When I took a bite of the food I was so happy because it tasted amazing! I ended up eating the entire thing because it tasted so good! A Dominican can definitely cook in Europe! ^_^

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