Club “Le You”

Club “Le You” VIP

Friday, VeCo had a midterms party at club “Le You” in Downtown Brussels. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard the name of the club. That’s honestly something an American would say to try and be funny. For 10 Euros we had VIP access“unlimited bottles” of Vodka, Coca Cola, and Red Bull, and free access to the bathroom (in Belgium you have to pay to use public bathrooms.) I’m pretty sure there was a limited amount of bottles but I wasn’t wasting my time counting.

We got off at the bus stop downtown and it was freezing cold! I was shivering! As we walked to the club we bumped into an open bathroom stall for men! (Apparently it’s for the homeless people) Talk about having no privacy whatsoever! I was a little offended that there wasn’t one for women though.

Fun at Club “Le You”

We get inside the club and I had to pay 1.50 Euros for coat check. I tried to hide my cardigan inside my sleeves (coat check was 1.50 Euros a piece) but she took it out and then tried charging me 3 Euros for my blazer and cardigan. I just took my cardigan and stuck it inside my purse… she’s crazy if she thought I was going to pay 3 Euros just for coat check! Afterwards, I walked upstairs and enter the VIP section. It was cool so I was pleased. The music was very different from what I usually dance too and the way people danced was also very different from what I am normally used too. However, I told myself I would still enjoy the night. I even got up on the tables a couple of times to dance. I felt cool! ^_^ The VIP also had a nice view to the downstairs area of the club. All you saw was teenagers (16+) dancing and making out! Middle of the night the club even had a fashion show. That was pretty interesting.

Of course the night had to end in a disaster. The place got pepper sprayed because apparently people started fighting, I couldn’t find my roommate, and to top things off some kid decided to get alcohol poisoning and collapse outside the club. I didn’t get back home till 3am and didn’t go to bed till 4am. No big deal just living the European Life Style.

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