The NOW!

Finally turned 23 and I feel like taking on the world!

I turned the switch on adventure which, I turned off for quite some time. I have been so focused on the future…the what? and the how? That I stopped thinking about the NOW! In just a few days I have come to realize that sometimes what you need is to enjoy the present to build your future. There are so many things that I want to do and I want to do them NOW. I want to experience, learn and grow from my adventures because to be honest tomorrow is never promised.

“Doing what others expect of you will only take you so far…do something for YOU and no one else…then see the happiness it will bring you.”

Every experience comes with the opportunity to learn; the hardest part is to decipher what it is that you have gained from that experience. I got my first tattoo! Something I have been wanting to do and something no one thought I would do. I went to this awesome spot called Revolver Tattoo and Piercing. The staff was very friendly and the place was extremely clean and organized. My type of environment! Honestly, I did not think I had it in me to endure the pain that comes with getting a tattoo, and I am pretty sure no one thought I had it in me to do something as “crazy” as marking my body with a tattoo. The thing is that people will always think and judge and have a plethora  of opinions on people’s actions (everyone is entitled to their own opinions) but at the end of the day I am happy!  I did something for ME. I learned that pain can stop you, but only if you let it, and that no one knows the type of person you are but YOU. I am proud of myself and I am happy with ME and my body!

Life will always throw you curveballs and opportunities but don’t let fear, others, or setbacks stop you from accomplishing something for yourself. Try one thing you think you might not have it in you to do and then ask yourself,  “what I have learned?” You might surprise yourself with your answer!

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