What if life was a musical?

What if life was a musical? Wouldn’t that just be amazing?! Every happy moment or sad experience would be a song and somehow that would make everything just a little bit better. I have always enjoyed a good musical but for some reason, I have never seen a Broadway play. Therefore, I told myself that for my 23rd year I would make it my mission to see as many Broadway plays as I possibly can.

The weekend of my 23rd Birthday I saw Mamma Mia! at the Broadhurst Theater, starting Judy McLane and Elena Ricardo. I was ridiculously hungover from my previous night’s birthday festivities but, “boy!” was it an awesome show! It was everything I expected and more! I was so not going to let a really bad…no horrible hangover stop me from seeing my first Broadway play ever. The show was just as funny and the music was just as festive and catchy as I remembered it in the movie. I couldn’t stop comparing the two! The entire show just made you want to smile and sing along. I definitely felt like a “Dancing Queen!” ready to start living yet another great year of her life!

Elena Ricardo – Sophie Sheridan

Lauren Cohn – Rosie

The show was a great reminder that family is what you make it and that there is a world out there ready to to be lived and explored. Life isn’t a musical but it definitely is one heck of an adventure! 

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