My Name

I told myself that for 2015 I wanted to read ten books. There’s no preference or criteria simply just ten books.

Mid December, 2014, I went to Barnes and Nobles with no idea of what I wanted to read. Honestly, the thought of just roaming the store and reading the different synopses of each book excited me! I’ve always enjoyed books but for one reason or another I never took reading as a continuous hobby.

As I was making my way through the different shelves, a book immediately caught my eye, Christmas at Tiffany’s, by Karen Swan.

I was super excited to see my name! Then became even more excited to see that the book took place in NYC, Paris and London! There’s nothing more exciting than traveling and exploring beautiful and lively cities, even through words… BUT to be completely honest the book had me at “Tiffany’s.”

It was a really cute book about being lost and finding…better yet discovering things about yourself you didn’t know were there through failure, opportunities, traveling, new experiences and of course love. I feel that it is ironic that exactly this book caught my attention. Not only is my name part of the title but it also turned out to relate to what I am currently experiencing…. being on a path of self-discovery (just like the main character.)

We never know where we might find inspiration or motivation to keep going and not give up. The lesson is to keep going because on the path to self-discovery motivation will sneak up on you…big or small it will sneak up on you and help you get there.

9 more books to go!

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