Choose to be HAPPY!

Not sure if anyone has realized how exhausting it is to be sad and miserable!

It’s so easy to let negative emotions over come you. For some reason happiness is hard to grasp. It’s a never-ending mental game we play with ourselves; to be happy or to let every negative in our life affect us and keep us down (we tend to choose the easy way out.) This weekend I chose to be happy. I felt horrible and deep down I wanted to sulk in my misery but sulking was not an option this time around.

So I told my friend that we were going to stop and enjoy our Saturday at all costs!
I gave her rules:
1. No crying
2. We cannot allow anything negative affect us

It worked! because we ended up having a great day!

We went to the New Jersey 101.5 Big Jersey BBQ Brew Fest and it seemed to be exactly what we needed.

We got there and were given a free beer (we had one more after that and of course I ended up getting the Belgian Brew,) we ate something called “bowl of deliciousness” – Mac and Cheese, beans, and pulled pork with extra BBQ – (and it was!) and after a gloomy morning the sun finally came out. We were so happy we couldn’t stop laughing!

Sometimes all you need is a little sunshine and some fresh air to crack a smile.

Challenge yourself! Don’t take the easy way out and be happy when everything is telling you to sulk and be miserable. Life has a funny way of working itself out so enjoy the simple things because it may be exactly what you need when you least expect it!

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