Feeling accomplished is such an amazing feeling.

Today, I ran my first 5k, courtesy of Latinas in Motion, and boy do I feel accomplished!

Latinas In Motion Peace, Love & Run 5k

In high school I did cross country. I thought running would of been MY sport. (Wow was I wrong!) I never realized how difficult it could be to run… even a mile. Soon enough, mentally, I started giving up before I even started a race. My level of effort was always zero, always coming in last place and always dreading each race.

I wish my past self could see my accomplishment today.

With time I have learned that if you put your mind to it nothing is impossible. My first mistake in high school was mentally checking out and giving up before the race even began. Today, I went in confident and told myself I could jog till the finish line. 38.5 minutes later I proved to myself I could! I really focused on my breathing and made sure I maintained a pattern throughout the entire run. I also told myself that it was “my” race, meaning I had no one but myself to beat. We are our own worse enemies and our biggest challenge.

Completing this run with my friends meant everything to me because we all accomplished something. We all pushed forward and discovered that all we needed to do was believe and do it! 

Thank you Latinas In Motion for allowing me to accomplish my first 5k and reminding me that I CAN RUN!

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