Book #3

My reading journey continues. I told myself that for 2015, in the midst of everything I want to do and have to do, I was going to read 10 books.

I have officially finished my third book:

 Mistress by James Patterson and David Ellis.

James Patterson is a well-known mystery writer known for his detective series. Mistress is one of his most recent mystery novels. I never read a mystery novel so this was pretty much a first for me. I wanted to experience something different.

I have to admit, at first, it was hard for me to connect with the main character but further into the book I was able to focus more on his story. This was a book filled with twists, random surprises and in my opinion, even funny moments. To summarize the book real quick, the story focuses on an online newspaper owner, Ben, who ends up being involved in a conspiracy against the President. How does a mistress play into the story? Well you will all just have to read and find out! I recommend.

I’m proud of myself for venturing out into a different genre of book. It’s so easy to stay in your safe zone…but life is always better when you take a chance and go on an adventure!

7 more books to go!

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