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Peaceful Sunday

Today was a pretty good day. I did laundry for the first time in Belgium.


Belgian washer

At first I was a bit confused on where to put the detergent and softener. There seems to be a pre-wash and then the actual wash! I’m pretty sure the states don’t have that. That’s too much detergent and softener if you ask me. I did 2 loads of clothes all equaling to 8 Euros for washing and drying. I calculated that If I do laundry every 3 weeks before I leave I will just spend 56 Euros. According to Yahoo Finance is about $72 which is less than $100 so I don’t think it’s too bad.

After I FaceTimed with my cousin and spoke to my mom…

you always need to keep in touch with family abroad! That’s very important…

I went out with my friend Tiziana. 🙂 We went to Cimetiere D’Ixelles to the Brocante. It was a huge

Kids in bubbles

Kids in bubbles

market/yard sale. I saw so many cool things from different parts of the world like Morocco, France, Italy, and even Dominican Republic. There was this couple playing Bachata and dancing. They were giving out Spanish CD’s. Belgium is truly a diverse place! I also saw kids in these huge bubbles in a blow up swimming pool! I wanted to try it so bad!! ^__^

Overall, I can say it was a Peaceful Sunday.