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A Brighter Day

Lessons I’ve learned to always carry with me: 

The fountain the day after

1. Never give up even when something seems impossible

2. Struggles make you a stronger person

3. Try to find a positive when things seem negative

I woke up remembering those lessons the next day after my culture shock and off I went to find the Denmark Embassy, Austria Embassy, Brussels Weekly Office, and back to the hidden office at Montgomery . Of course I managed to confuse myself in that huge circle once again but the fountain looked more beautiful than the day before in the morning sun so I didn’t mind.

Parc du Cinquentenaire

After picking up the posters and flyer’s I decided to go and sit at Parc du Cinquentenaire, which was across the street. It was so beautiful and peaceful! I sat there and admired the fountain for an hour. When I stood up I even managed to catch a glimpse of a rainbow. All day I basically took the Metro and walked. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home!

That night I went out with friends. I have to admit though, I’m currently feeling the after effects of the night it was well worth it! ^__^

Culture Shock

After almost 3 weeks of being in Belgium, Brussels yesterday is when I get horrible culture shock!

Fountain of confusion

My day started good so since I had some free time after class I decided to go pick up some posters and fliers I needed to go hand out today, Friday, for my internship. I had to get off at the tram stop Montgomery, it was on my way home. I Googled maps the directions and it didn’t seem too far… I was hoping Google maps didn’t screw me over. Well… when I got off at Montgomery I find myself in the biggest circle I have yet to encounter in Belgium. There was a beautiful fountain in the middle! Who knew something so beautiful could be so freaking confusing!! Crossing the streets in that circle was like trying to find yourself out of a maze. I think I made every possible turn in the circle before going the right way because the map I took a picture of  with my iTouch, from Google maps, was not so useful.

I’m finally around the area Google maps directed me too and it turned out NOT to be the right place! I seriously must of asked about 20 people where the street was located and no one knew the answer!! I even called my roommate to look up the address again for me and of course it told her to go where I first ended up.

I became so frustrated because I was 2 minutes away from the place and I couldn’t figure out where it was! I walked all over the area and as the minutes passed I became increasingly angry! New York isn’t even that complicated! I can always find my way around there even if I don’t know where I’m going! Google maps has never disappointed me in New York! This nice lady ended up helping me by using her phone to direct me because of course she had no idea where the place was either.

She directed me the right way and when I realized what street the office was located on and that the office was closed I seriously just started

The impossible street to find

crying in the middle of the street! I was sooo frustrated and angry at the situation!

The hidden street!

1. The street was literally hidden and the sign with the name of the street wasn’t visible till you made this small turn! 2. I was so mad I couldn’t just take out my Galaxy SII and GPS the place! 3. How was it possible that NO ONE I asked knew where the street was!! 4. I was angry that the place was just a huge circle inside another huge circle! 5. I felt like I failed for the day! and I do NOT like to fail!

When I got home I just burst into tears! I was so tired, frustrated, and upset! Nothing like feeling useless in a foreign country to bring you some culture shock!  :/ 

The Need for an Excessive Amount of Passport Pictures

Looking for a place to take pics

No class on Tuesday but had plenty of errands to run. So Europe seems to love passport pictures. I seriously have lost count of how many pictures I’ve needed to take for some sort of registration. To top things off I decided to forget the three extras I had at home! Currently, I need about 6 more pictures .__.  and of course all by the end of this week! So off I went to find a place where I can take pictures. My roommate, Courtney, found a place and gave me instructions on how to get there, but of course I get lost. Yes, by now everyone should have noticed that I’m always getting lost! So Court tells me take a left at the bar across the street from the tram and I take a right .__. Eventually, I end up going the right way but still can’t seem to find the photo-booth she told me about. We ended up texting and calling each other for about 10min until I just ended up finding this copy store that takes pictures (one of many copy stores on the street but the only one that took pictures!) The guy at the copy store was extremely nice! He took my picture 4 times because I wasn’t satisfied with the  results. No matter what the pictures still came out looking like a mug shot, guess a braid wasn’t the appropriate choice of hairstyle for the occasion.

Let me talk about the guy attending me for a bit. So I start off talking French to him. Things were going very well until I ask “Combien?” How much?  He immediately asks me what language I speak? .__. I tell him English, I ask if I pronounced it correctly, and he said yes! I wanted to speak in French and he wanted to speak in English. Fail! He then proceeds to ask me a ton of questions and was nice to tell me that he  “hates America” quickly I thought of how I should of said I was Dominican instead, but he laughed after his statement so I just smiled and took a deep breath! He was a very nice guy and told me to not forget about the Copy store plus the pictures were 6 pics for 6 Euros (cheaper than in the US!) Cha-Ching!

Éclair with milk

On my way home I decided to treat myself for all my walking this past week! I probably lost all types of weight (doubt it.) I stopped by the nearest “pâtisserie” bakery and bought myself an Éclair!! 😀 I ate it with some milk on the side. Oh! boy was it delish! 

** Moral of my story! If you plan on traveling/studying in Europe bring your pictures with you and avoid the hassle!