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Absolute Truth, For Beginners

Time is everything. Time is uncertain and certain, kind and unpleasant, longed for and dreaded. Life is made of moments in time and thus, time is inevitable.

I recently just finished reading, Absolute Truth, For Beginners
By Katarina West [http://katarinawest.com]

absolute truth

“Life (n.) A sitcom with no audience, runs till the day you die.” – Absolute Truth, For Beginners p. 273

This book made me think a lot because I found myself connecting with the main character, a 24 year-old girl uncertain as to where her life is headed. The book starts with Elisabetta arriving at her first job, after over a year of graduating college. She has suffered the post-grad struggle, which I know so well and finally, found something to keep her feet wet, even if it’s not in her field of study, Art History.

Throughout the story, taking place in Italy, a series of events unfold intertwined with the idea of time, love, unhealthy relationships, homosexuality, lack of self love, hopelessness, despair, mental instability and ultimately forgiveness. In just a little over 300 pages I was submerged into a story that really broke my heart.

I thought of how many people, including myself, go through this long period of self-doubt and lack of self-love; swearing on everything that they are the only one’s walking on this unfortunate and long path. I know, because I find myself there at times. Then you pick up a book like  Absolute Truth, For Beginners and you’re reminded that there is someone out there walking a path much similar to yours (maybe even worse and twice as complicated.)

Each reader is different therefore, a book can get interpreted in many ways. For me, this book is a reminder. It reminded me that time is tricky, precious and rare. That life is what you make of it and that love is the hardest puzzle to ever be made…but that there’s someone out there willing to make it with you. You just have to wait for time to be on your side.


Absolute Truth, For Beginners
Amazon Book Page
Author’s Blog

*I kindly received the book for my honest review.*

The European Style

Talk about a relaxing day! I can so get used to Thursdays! ^__^

My mommy’s package

Today, I went to figure out what was the deal with the package from my mother. I went to Bpost determined to get my package not scared of the intense French speaking that awaited me! I went yesterday but of course they would open at 10am and not 9am on wednesdays. Surprisingly, I managed to get my point across better than expected too! The only time me and the teller had an issue understanding each other was when he asked me to sign a piece of paper. I don’t think I have ever heard the word for signature… I signed and after I handed him back the paper he continues to repeat the same word… I said “oui” and he asked me if that was my signature. .__. YES that’s my signature!  Sheesh! Guess he didn’t like it. He sounded like my mom who always says I have a horrible signature. *Shrugs!* 

My new scarf collection

Well my mother’s package made me very happy!! She sent me so many scarves!! I officially feel European*Wearing a scarf is apparently the European look* You can wear a scarf with a sweat suit here and still manage to look good! She also sent me some school supplies I needed and some new accessories!! I’m becoming in love with studs! I was always a hoops girl but this European lifestyle has me changing my ways! 🙂 I must say it was a good start to my day!

Side note: Men bags are also very popular here! I see so many men with bags throughout the day! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man with a bag in the states.

Since we are on the topic of fashion let me express my sadness. The other day I looked at the bottom of

Brand new Baker boots 😦

my brand new Baker boots that I bought before I came to Belgium… It’s official I walk wayyy too much!! My poor boots are already deteriorating at the bottom!! 😦 I almost shed a tear!!