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Me Enamore… pero de Sevilla

“Me enamore de Sevilla, España.” I am convinced that out of all the cities I have visited, during my study abroad experience, Sevilla has been my favorite (Vienna was second.) I fell in love with absolutely everything, the food, the music, the atmosphere, the language and accent, the people, the architecture…the culture in general consumed you to the point where leaving made you sad.

Off to Sevilla, Spain

I went to Sevilla to meet up with some friends and enjoy my birthday weekend. It turned out to be a greater experience than I expected. I didn’t think I would fall in love with the city. I stayed in a single room in Hostal Florida. It was great! The room was clean, nicely organized, and had a TV. I was satisfied! I payed about 48 Euros for 2 nights. I only slept on the bed one night because Sunday my flight was at 7:45am and we stayed out till 4am partying and celebrating. It was my last time taking Ryanair to travel in Europe. Going back home was the worse experience. There was so much turbulence! I hate turbulence. I was running on no sleep just a 1.5 hour nap, and we took about 5 tequila shots to celebrate our experience that night! It was definitely worth it though.

One of my many Tapas

We ate tapas the entire time I was there. They were so delicious that every time they were placed in front of us we ate them quickly. Ordering a couple would equal to a full meal and all at a really good price! Everything I ate was less than 6 Euros! I loved chorizo it tasted delicious! I kinda wish I had more. I even orederd a tapa of Jamón ibérico “cured meat.” That was interesting. Tasted good though.

Live Flamenco

I was able to see live Flamenco! It was absolutely beautiful! The lyrics just took my breath away and the rhythm was just hypnotizing. There was so much soul in the music I could of listened to it all night! Truly an amazing experience!

la Torre del Oro

On our way to Calle Betis, a street a tad similar to Delirium here in Brussels but just more open and not so narrow, we stopped by the Guadalquivir river. It had an amazing view! Gorgeous just absolutely breathtaking! We also passed by la Torre del Oro. It seriously reminded me of Rapunzel. I always pictured her dropping her hair down from a tower similar to la Torre del Oro. The bars in Calle Betis were more spacious than the bars in Delirium and you were able to dance if you wanted.

Guadalquivir river

The cathedral was absolutely HUGE! It is so big you couldn’t take a picture of the entire thing unless you were taking pictures up from the sky. We had 1 Euro beers in front of la Iglesia de El Salvador. That was different. I never seen something like it! The place was packed! Full of people drinking in front of the church. Afterwards, we went inside the church with beer in our system… no big deal. The details inside the church were absolutely impressive. There were so many intricate details everywhere! It was a lot to take in.

Inside la Iglesia de El Salvador

We met so many interesting people! We had so many cheap drinks! 1.50 Euro shots! Absolutely unbelievable! My friend even got me a Birthday shot! I was so happy! Exactly what I needed to finally feel 21!

Best hot dog ever!

There was also this hot dog stand outside this club we went too. Seriously, best selling strategy ever. That was the best hot dog I have ever tasted in my life!!!! I don’t think I will ever taste something like it again!

Sevilla was absolutely amazing! I need to return!

Birthday Shot!

Laundry, Birthday, & Shopping

Belgian Laundromat

The table of food!

Friday, it was back to the Laundromat, I have 6 more laundry trips after this one. Like last time I only had 2 loads of clothes (dark colors and light colors) all for 8 Euros. I was sure that this time around I would get the hang of the machines. I put the clothes to wash and then left for about a half hour to let the clothes wash (laundromat is only down the street from where I live.) When I came back I realized that I needed to put detergent for the second wash where I put detergent for the first wash ._. (The machine washes your clothes twice so you have to pour detergent twice) I don’t get why there needs to be two washes and four different places to insert detergent and softener! After studying the picture that indicates where all the different types of detergent and softerner go I am determined to get it right the next time! But nonetheless my clothes were washed ^_^ Plus It only takes each load 20min to dry which only cost 1 euro a load! ^_^Just had to add that because it made me happy!

Mother-Daughter Love! ❤

That night was my host mom’s birthday celebration! Her daughter made all the preparations for the festivities…She’s only 10 years old. She made the invitations, e-mailed them, got the decorations, a gift for her mom, cooked, decorated, DJ-ed the party and hosted all of us! That had to be one of the sweetest things I’ve seen! Everything came out great! She did an exceptional job! The food was wonderful and she had a cute fun theme going on! I just love seeing a beautiful mother-daughter relationship! They make me smile and miss my mom  Side note: One of my host moms friends brought caviar! First time I’ve ever tasted it and it was delish! It was salmon, sour cream, and caviar in a little cup! ^_^ 

Shopping at H&M in Brussels

Today, my host mom took me to a mall! I’m not a shopper but it was interesting to see how malls here are still regular malls. I had to do some small shopping. I needed a thicker sweater with a hood because all this cold and rain isn’t doing me any good. I ended up shopping at H&M because I knew I would of found what I needed (bought myself a shirt dress and a hat as well.) As she drove us to the mall I realized how different it is to look at Brussels from inside a car. I was in awe at how we went from older buildings to newer buildings in seconds. We even drove in a highway with so many trees and bushes! It seriously reminded me of back home! Brussels is filled with so much diversity even in it’s scenery! It made me want to go on one of those bus tours!


There is only one way to describe Amsterdam: Beautifully Crazy

Welcome to Amsterdam (Train station)

My day yesterday started at 6am. I was going to meet up with the Amsterdam crew Talya, Brielle, and Skyler. We bought our tickets at the station for 49.30 Euros (roundtrip) and off we were. 3 hours later after what seemed like the longest train ride ever! We made it to Amsterdam!

Street Performer

Amsterdam is the largest city and capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourists destinations in Europe. There were so many people there I was in shock! As soon as we arrived I had my first Falafel ever at Maoz Vegetarian with frites on the side, topping mayonnaise (keep count of how many meals I ate during this trip!) After we had our lunch we continued to walk and ended up in the middle of Amsterdam’s central square right in front of the Royal Palace. The square was overcrowded with street performers, tourists, and pigeons. We became curious about a specific performer and stopped to watch him escape from saran wrap  and chains. This man took FOREVER to do the escape! He was annoying the entire crowd! I was so over him! And his jokes were so bad. We think he was stalling to make sure he sweated excessively under the saran wrap, which most likely was the key to escaping. The funny moments during his show included a random italian man dressed as Mario, who I’m pretty sure had no idea who Mario was, and got shouted out by the performer. Also, a drunk man that interrupted the performance by trying to do a hand stand but failing miserably. What a welcome into Amsterdam.

Entrance of Heineken Museum

Heineken Museum

We then proceeded to the Heineken Museum. First of all I had no idea that Heineken was a beer from Amsterdam! You seriously learn something new everyday! The museum cost 17 Euros. I must say that those were 17 Euros well spent! The museum package came with 3 beers, a boat ride, and a souvenir. I learned how Heineken beer is a family business and how it is processed. The museum even has a room where you can watch all the Heineken commercials. I even learned how to drink a beer without sipping the foam, which protects the beer from getting flat while you are drinking it. After exploring all the the museum has to offer we met some cool people at the bar (part of the museum.) A 2010 RU graduate who was on a business trip for his job and a cute couple who teach kids in military bases. The boat ride was absolutely peaceful and so beautiful! Amsterdam has so many “boat houses,” which are apparently very expensive, according to the tour guide. I can’t imagine living in houses like that. They were houses built on water not really “boat houses” per say. After we got our souvenirs, a bottle opener shaped as the Heineken “e.” I was very pleased!

Ahead: The Red Light District

Walking around Amsterdam you notice how beautiful it is. The buildings have their own unique structures and mix in well with the scenery. We stopped by the flower market and decided to get some frites to snack on. Slowly we started approaching the red light district. Never have I seen something like that before in my life! Let me tell you that the red light district does NOT discriminate! You have your skinny prostitutes, your chubby ones, the one with small titis, the ones with flat asses… well you get the idea. Every type of girl you can think of is available.The amount of men that walk around horny and wishing to get laid is also unbelievable. Some of these girls are literally wearing close to nothing as they are displayed behind the glass doors like dolls. I actually saw a man go into one of the girls door and curtains were immediately closed. One girl even had a sign that said she takes S&M and lesbian action. Like I said before no discrimination whatsoever in the red light district. It was something you seriously have to experience to understand.

Side note: A man approached us saying “I’m a gigolo try me before buying…” .__. 

Eat Me Restaurant

Before continuing to explore the red light district we needed some food! We decided to eat at this place called “Eat Me.” The place was very pretty inside and they played some spanish music. I ordered the steak because I realized how much I missed eating steak. From what I understood it was the back of the cow and it came with some frites. I got a cappuccino to drink.  I get the steak, eat a little and realized the steak looked practically raw to me. Of course they tell me that’s how it was suppose to be but they still cook it a little more for me. It looked the same when they returned it but whatever I ate it anyways I’m not really picky with food. It was juicy I’m not going to lie. Come to find out it was beef that came from Galicia, Spain. After dinner we thought about going back home and last minute we decided to catch the morning train. We watched the train leave us. We had 9 hours to kill and no hostel to stay in. Hello Amsterdam! There were so many people on the streets!! After visiting various bars/clubs we felt absolutely exhausted! We even ended up getting Wok and Go (a chinese noodle place) like at 1am in the morning. I ate the entire thing by the end of the night! Yes, I am currently regretting it. We even managed to crash McDonalds and chill there while Brielle got a McFlurry. We were trying anything to stay awake!

Rotterdam Station

We get to the train station and only one section of the station was open. Security told us we had 2 choices: 1. Wait somewhere in Amsterdam till our train arrived or station opened at 5am (it was about 3-4:00am at this point.) 2. Catch the last train to Rotterdam. We decided option 2 would be best so we could get at least 1.5 hours of sleep and take the train from there back home.

We get to Rotterdam and the train station is outside!! We were freezing for about 2.5 hours! Train didn’t get there till 8:34am. I had to end up buying another cappuccino. It was the train station from hell! We even resulted to going into the bathroom and putting our hands under the dryer! Basically I didn’t get home till 12:00pm absolutely exhausted and without energy whatsoever!

Nothing like Beautiful Crazy Amsterdam to wear you out!

Peaceful Sunday

Today was a pretty good day. I did laundry for the first time in Belgium.


Belgian washer

At first I was a bit confused on where to put the detergent and softener. There seems to be a pre-wash and then the actual wash! I’m pretty sure the states don’t have that. That’s too much detergent and softener if you ask me. I did 2 loads of clothes all equaling to 8 Euros for washing and drying. I calculated that If I do laundry every 3 weeks before I leave I will just spend 56 Euros. According to Yahoo Finance is about $72 which is less than $100 so I don’t think it’s too bad.

After I FaceTimed with my cousin and spoke to my mom…

you always need to keep in touch with family abroad! That’s very important…

I went out with my friend Tiziana. 🙂 We went to Cimetiere D’Ixelles to the Brocante. It was a huge

Kids in bubbles

Kids in bubbles

market/yard sale. I saw so many cool things from different parts of the world like Morocco, France, Italy, and even Dominican Republic. There was this couple playing Bachata and dancing. They were giving out Spanish CD’s. Belgium is truly a diverse place! I also saw kids in these huge bubbles in a blow up swimming pool! I wanted to try it so bad!! ^__^

Overall, I can say it was a Peaceful Sunday.


Euros! >:O!!!!!

They truly make me feel like I’m wasting way too much money! Though, my friend Carly told me I should see it as spending not wasting but my cheap self can’t help it! Yahoo Finance is telling me that $1 = .79 Euros. I seriously didn’t want to think about it but today as I shopped at this beauty store, Di Beauty & Care a popular chain of beauty stores in Belgium, I just felt like everything was too expensive!

Products I bought today

First of all! The only body product (lotion and soap) I use in America that Europe has is Dove. I like to use St. Ives face wash, sometimes Bioré, also St. Ives body lotion. Unfortunately, it seems like those products aren’t sold in Belgium I was stuck choosing between Nivea and Garnier. There were other products but I honestly was not going to risk it. I chose Garnier because I use their hair products but I had NO IDEA they also made face wash and all these other products! The total for the three products came out to be 12.47 Euros, which Yahoo Finance tells me is 15.7035!!! 😥 Makes me want to cry! Especially because I had to recharge my sim card with 15 Euros so I could get unlimited texting for a month! I don’t even want to know what the conversion of that is! ._. I’ve been paying everything with cash so now that I started using my card it just all been hitting me…… The European life!


Muffin de chocolat

Muffin au chocolat

To make myself feel better I stopped by the pâtisserie/Boulangery (bakery) around the corner from my house and bought

myself a “muffin au chocolat” chocolate muffin! ^__^ It lifted up my spirits! This bakery could be a problem! Good thing I started doing some crunches at night 😉