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Last Day In CA

“Normality is a paved road: it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.” – Vincent Van Gough

It was officially Monday; our last day in Los Angeles, California. We had to wake up super early to move our cars, and it was brutal. We were so tired from our hike the day before. On our search for a parking garage, by accident, we ended up driving by the famous Skid Row. It was by far the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. All the poverty broke my heart. I was truly baffled and speechless. It was one of those experiences that made you grateful for what you have. A reminder to always give thanks for your blessings. At that moment I missed home.

We couldn’t find the right parking garage and it was already 9:00 am. We decided to just have breakfast. Of course, we couldn’t find non-meter parking (meter prices were ridiculous,) so we decided to get our food from Poppy + Rose to go. We really wish we could have ate there because it was a quaint spot; perfect for a relaxed morning with friends.

We ate our breakfast in the car and then head towards FIGat7th. I guess this is LA’s way of modernizing its downtown. Think of it as a mall. We didn’t stay long just stopped by Target, which by the way had a whole liquor area. I was pretty taken aback by that. I haven’t seen a Target with liquor in NJ.

At this point, we were wide awake and just ended up parking the car at a parking place right around the corner of the apartment. It was time to get ourselves ready for Beverly Hills.

Before heading out, we decided to find one of the Los Angeles Angel Wings, which is a part of the Global Angel Wings Project.


We looked like total tourists and enjoyed every second of it.


When we arrived at Beverly Hills we were in shock…talk about a total 180 from downtown LA. We parked and thought, “we’ll only stay for two hours max. What can we possibly do for a whole day here.” Yea, we spent our entire day in Beverly Hills without a single care in the world.

It was a perfect day in Beverly Hills. The weather was fantastic and the atmosphere was peaceful. First, we came across this small chocolate shop, Diane Krön Chocolatier. Damaris wanted to get some chocolate for her family. We started talking to the owner and to our surprise she was Jacqueline Kennedy’s personal chocolate connoisseur. She was an absolutely lovely woman with so much kindness. She allowed us to taste some of her delicious chocolates and nicely packaged the chocolates Damaris purchased. It was the perfect welcome to Beverly Hills.

Once we hit the main strip, we came across all the high-class expensive name brand stores that I would never shop at on a daily basis. Dior, Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Vera Wang (wedding dress goals,) Tiffany & Co. It was all there!


We walked in awe. Everything was beautiful and expensive. Surprisingly, we didn’t feel poor, even though we totally were compared to the riches we were surrounded by, which is probably why we didn’t go into any of the stores.

We had lunch at 90210 Pho – A Modern Vietnamese Kitchen. The food was good and prices were affordable. We had the funniest waiter who loved that we were from the East Coast. We considered doing a tour of the mansions but ended up not doing so. We walked around some more and then came across Amorino Gelato Al Naturale. Talk about tasting the softest and most delicious gelato ever!


Before heading back to downtown LA, we drove past some of the Beverly Hill mansions and swore one day we would own one. They were spectacular! With dreams in the air, we parted ways with Beverly Hills and drove right back into reality.

We ended the night at the Ace Hotel Upstairs. It was interesting, to say the least. We didn’t stay long, even though we tried. I think it was 70’s night; not really our crowd. Just like that ended our final day in Los Angeles, California.

California was definitely a 2016 highlight. It has always been a dream of mine to visit the West Coast. I’m glad I was able to share that with some of my closest friends. We definitely learned a lot from our trip and were able to experience things we didn’t think we would anytime soon. It just goes to show that all you really need to make a dream come true is a little push to make it happen. So thank you Steph and Damaris because only by pushing each other did we make this a reality.

Avenue Louise

The view at the end of Avenue Louise

Today, I explored the street in which the office of my internship is located, Avenue Louise. I had to make 2 deliveries of flyers and posters for the Art Fair. I had to Google maps one of the locations, and as I said before Belgium Google maps sucks! I left to my journey a bit scared because I had 2 hours before I had to be in French class. Luckily, the places were close but still it was a race against time.

Avenue Louise is a street where expensive and sophisticated are common adjectives when referring to the stores on the street; kind of reminds me of Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Beautiful view of Belgium

Beautiful view of Belgium

The unique things about Avenue Louise is that at the end of the street there is an absolute beautiful view of Belgium! It is just incredibly breathtaking you can honestly stare at it all day! So what I do? Hop on the tram and ride it all the way towards the end of the street!! I take in the view for 5 minutes! Even interrupted a French couple from their PDA to take a picture of me! ^__^ I had to remember the moment! Afterwards, I literally sped walked/ran to try and find the 2 locations where I had to drop off the packages! I got lost for a few minutes, but since I’m becoming a pro at getting lost and finding my way I managed to finish the deliveries by 3:30pm making it to school a half hour before classes started! Boy was I proud! But dam was I exhausted!!!

Side note 1: Earlier in the day I was having lunch with my co.intern at this one random bench in the middleof all this open grass

Secret mall to the side of the Conrad hotel!

Secret mall to the side of the Conrad hotel!

area. Next thing you know these 2 guys, one from Africa the other from the Netherlands, approach us saying in French that they have the bench reserved for 1:00 ._. I was giving them the “keep it moving before I go off on you” stank look. My co.intern nicely started a conversation with them and made space for them to fit on the bench! Later on I told her how if that was to happen in the U.S. I would of gone all Dominican on them! She went on to explain to me that it’s normal to be friendly  in belgium O__0 Found that to be quite interesting because I don’t do well to random men approaching me. But thanks to the African guy I learned that mainly all Africans from Belgium come from Congo a Francophone country in Africa! He’s the second African to tell me he’s from Congo so I’m making the educated guess.

Side note 2: As I walked to the tram to head to school I turned because I thought I heard a familiar sound. And indeed I wasn’t going crazy! Someone was blasting Romeo Santos “La Bella Y La Bestia” I was in total shock!! I practically ran to catch up with the car at the light to find a Dominican man inside the car!

Well I must say Avenue Louise was definitely an experience and I’m sure there will be more experiences to come in that street.