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Books and Movies

I really enjoyed today because it was such a simple yet productive day. The day started out cold and wet, the usual Brussels weather, but in the afternoon the sun came out and was shining bright!

I spent the afternoon with my host mom. She took me to a bookstore called filiber very similar to Barnes & Nobles. I was very pleased because I love Barnes & Nobles so exploring the store was fun. There were so many people and French books everywhere. There was even a small section in the middle to eat and drink coffee/tea while reading books. We had quiches for lunch at the store. After my host mom showed me around the store and we ate lunch, I ended up spending most of my time in the history section. I browsed through the Mythology and Cleopatra books. It was interesting browsing through books in French about subjects that interest me.

Dans La Maison

Afterwards we went to go see a French movie. This time I experienced a new theater called UGC. This theater felt more old school than Kinepolis. The seats were ridiculously comfy though. We went to see the movie Dans La Maison “In The House.” The movie is directed by François Ozon and it is based off the Spanish play by Juan Mayorga, “El chico de la última fila.” The movie is about a 16 year old boy, Claude Garcia, and his passion for writing. Claude uses his classmate’s, Rapha Artole, family as the main characters in a series of essays he writes for his French teacher, M.Germain. The teacher becomes very intrigued by the boy and his essays and persuades him to continue to write. This leads to a series of events that makes it impossible for the audience and the teacher to decipher what is fiction and what is reality. It is truly a movie that plays with your head and leads to an ending no one expects. You are left with a series of questions and left to write your own ending.

The movie only had subtitles in Dutch. I had to depend on my French listening skills and surprisingly I understood a lot of the dialogue! I was extremely proud of myself! French movies never cease to amaze me though. They always take a step further. The intense sex scenes, the sensitive subjects they cover, they just aren’t scared to cross the line. The movie was very good and it was hard to not pay attention.


Relief kicking in as I waited for the tram!

The sense of relief I feel truly feels amazing!

Today, I took the second part of my French midterm and handed in my annual report assignment (we made up a company) for my Business Writing and Social Networking class. All I have left is a French presentation on Wednesday. After that I have no big assignments due until November! I just hope I get good grades on all my midterms and assignments.

E Building Classroom

Random sink

My French exam was inside the actual VUB school. Since VeCo is just a partner school with VUB we have classes in a building next to Citi Bank across the street from one of the exits of the VUB campus. The building is shared with other institutions so we only use 2 floors in the entire building. It felt nice to actually walk around a campus building. The classroom was in the E building and it was a lecture room. When I walked inside I was reminded of Rutgers! I have always had at least one lecture class every semester since my Freshman year. I’m not used to a small school at all! It felt nicebeing in a big room with seats and desks.

Side note: No idea why there was a random sink in the room O_o

Carbonated Ice Tea





I also decided to get myself one of the famous European “snack subs…” I felt I deserved it. I usually get a Kaas when I buy them at school (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrots, lettuce, and honey mustard.) This time I decided to try the Mona Lisa (Italian ham, parmesan cheese, lettuce, and dressing.) To drink I ordered an ice tea. Once I take a sip I realized the ice tea is made with carbonated water! Seriously everything here has carbonated water! I don’t mind it but the ice tea!!! Really? .__.

French Music

Tonight after dinner I bonded with my host sister. She is absolutely adorable! I enjoy talking to her so much. We discussed music and dancing. She showed me what’s “hip” here with the French speaking population. We also danced a little 😀

The first video is my favorite out of all the ones she showed me. It is by Tal and Sean Paul. The beat reminds me of back home. 

The most ridiculous video she showed me was a French rap video o_O It is by Big Ali, PZK, Dogg SoSo and DJ Chris Prolls. This is definitely NOT the kind of rap I’m used too! Where’s Lil’ Wayne when you need him!

That video reminded me of Eminem back during his Slim Shady days. I think that’s as much French rap as I’ll be listening too during my stay in Europe.

The next video was so catchy I couldn’t resist but to put it up also. It’s called “Toi et moi” which translates to “you and me” in English

It’s so interesting to see how music sounds in a different language.

The European Style

Talk about a relaxing day! I can so get used to Thursdays! ^__^

My mommy’s package

Today, I went to figure out what was the deal with the package from my mother. I went to Bpost determined to get my package not scared of the intense French speaking that awaited me! I went yesterday but of course they would open at 10am and not 9am on wednesdays. Surprisingly, I managed to get my point across better than expected too! The only time me and the teller had an issue understanding each other was when he asked me to sign a piece of paper. I don’t think I have ever heard the word for signature… I signed and after I handed him back the paper he continues to repeat the same word… I said “oui” and he asked me if that was my signature. .__. YES that’s my signature!  Sheesh! Guess he didn’t like it. He sounded like my mom who always says I have a horrible signature. *Shrugs!* 

My new scarf collection

Well my mother’s package made me very happy!! She sent me so many scarves!! I officially feel European*Wearing a scarf is apparently the European look* You can wear a scarf with a sweat suit here and still manage to look good! She also sent me some school supplies I needed and some new accessories!! I’m becoming in love with studs! I was always a hoops girl but this European lifestyle has me changing my ways! 🙂 I must say it was a good start to my day!

Side note: Men bags are also very popular here! I see so many men with bags throughout the day! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man with a bag in the states.

Since we are on the topic of fashion let me express my sadness. The other day I looked at the bottom of

Brand new Baker boots 😦

my brand new Baker boots that I bought before I came to Belgium… It’s official I walk wayyy too much!! My poor boots are already deteriorating at the bottom!! 😦 I almost shed a tear!!

Movie & Hair

L’Auberge Espagnole

Today was a good day! In French class we started watching this hilarious French movie called L’Auberge Espagnole. It’s about a French study abroad student who get’s the opportunity to work and study abroad in Spain. He ends up living in an apartment with people from all over Europe: Spain, England, German, Belgium… It was hilarious because there was a lot of Spanish, English, and French speaking so I was understanding everything in the movie!! Made me so happy! Plus I could definitely relate to the main character being that I am studying abroad as well.

Today I also decided to tackle my hair. I never ever done my hair by myself. I always got it

hair process

done at a hair salon or by my mom or aunt. They say Dominicans are good at doing hair but I was left out of that stereotype at birth. I decided to try the air dry and flat iron method. I don’t have a blow dryer and spend 56  or 69 ( I forgot) Euros on a flat iron so I figured I give it a try instead of wasting money to get my hair done. Secretly, I just didn’t feel like calling and making a hair appointment in French. Or walking all the way to the hair salon JUST to make an appointment!

Nothing is EVER impossible! With hard work and determination you can accomplish anything!