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PaintBall Fun

There is so much I want to do and lately it just feels like there is not enough time. Therefore, whenever I do something I have been wanting to experience, I get this immense feeling of accomplishment.

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi

On Halloween I was finally able to go play some Paintball all thanks to my friend Eufalis. I went to Outdoor Xtreme in Hatfield, PA. I was so excited because this is something that I have been wanting to do.

From the moment we arrived everything was awesome. We had a great group of people, we ended up getting extra paintballs (thanks to the generosity of a kindhearted woman,) and the weather was perfect! (not too hot but cold enough to be able to layer up and feel good) 


Let me just say that the paintball gun is heavier than it looks! My arms were sore by the time we were done. It felt like I worked out for three hours straight. At first, I had some gun issues, my gun had no air and then my paintballs kept getting stuck. Needless to say, that for my first game I was out before I even got shot. For the rest of the games I was locked and loaded. There was so much adrenaline running through me! 

My favorite game was our last game. We went against a group of kids and they had no mercy! Clearly pros at the age of 7! I got shot all over my back and arm. It was hilarious because they went in there ready to win (that’s the mentality we should always have.) Surprisingly, the pain wasn’t as mortifying as some people make it seem. All my hits felt like a rubber-band snapping my skin really hard.


If this experience taught me anything is to not be scared of something different and to always face it ready to win it over. We don’t know what we may like until we actually try it.


Dictionary.com defines serenity as the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil.
I was consumed by serenity yesterday when I went hiking at Ramapo Valley County Reservation.

The Ramapo Reservation is located in Mahwah, NJ with 19.7 miles worth of trails. The Reservation’s trails connect with those in Ringwood State Park to the west, Ramapo Mountain State Forest to the southwest, and Camp Glen Gray to the south.
(More Information on Ramapo Valley County Reservation

I think that we can easily forget how much beauty nature has to offer us. From the trees changing colors to the water shimmering in the sunlight reflecting nothing but perfection. I felt total bliss and was reminded that our problems, as massive as they may seem, are minimal.

My friends and I were astonished by the beauty we were surrounded by. I saw a live baby snake for the first time in my life.
Before we entered the park my friends and I saw a “Beware of snakes” sign, I immediately freaked out. The snake was so small and so harmless yet I couldn’t help but still feel some type of fear as I snapped my photo. Fear can be a tricky emotion but we have to always fight against it or else we will accomplish nothing. Fear was not going to stop me from capturing this moment… Mr. snake going about its day.

Will I move forward? Will I accomplish my goals? Will I succeed? Will I find a genuine love? I feel happiness. I feel unstoppable. I feel and see the possibility. I can conquer my fears. I can conquer my insecurities. But will I…? Right at that moment on top of that rock as my friends and I discussed our goals I felt that I would! 

Butterflies, to me, represent rebirth; the possibility to change and self-discovery.

Find a place filled with pure serenity and get lost in it. Explore what’s on your mind and knock down the walls you have built inside your head. Map out the impossible and prepare yourself for a difficult journey…but just like New York (pictured above on the horizon) your goal is visible regardless of the struggles you may face ahead. Fight your fears and don’t be scared of failure, pick yourself up and keep walking towards your goal… I know I will! 

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Feeling accomplished is such an amazing feeling.

Today, I ran my first 5k, courtesy of Latinas in Motion, and boy do I feel accomplished!

Latinas In Motion Peace, Love & Run 5k

In high school I did cross country. I thought running would of been MY sport. (Wow was I wrong!) I never realized how difficult it could be to run… even a mile. Soon enough, mentally, I started giving up before I even started a race. My level of effort was always zero, always coming in last place and always dreading each race.

I wish my past self could see my accomplishment today.

With time I have learned that if you put your mind to it nothing is impossible. My first mistake in high school was mentally checking out and giving up before the race even began. Today, I went in confident and told myself I could jog till the finish line. 38.5 minutes later I proved to myself I could! I really focused on my breathing and made sure I maintained a pattern throughout the entire run. I also told myself that it was “my” race, meaning I had no one but myself to beat. We are our own worse enemies and our biggest challenge.

Completing this run with my friends meant everything to me because we all accomplished something. We all pushed forward and discovered that all we needed to do was believe and do it! 

Thank you Latinas In Motion for allowing me to accomplish my first 5k and reminding me that I CAN RUN!

“Even the dog got a gift!”

There is something about giving back that fills me up with joy especially, during the holidays. Since I was a little girl, I remember I was always giving out candy or making sure I had cards to give out to everyone in class. My poor mother not only had to worry about me but make sure she got gifts for everyone I had on my Christmas list. This year was not an exception! My giving spirit was in full effect! I wanted to make sure that I went above and beyond and gave everyone in my family what they deserved for the love and support I have gotten.

By the end of November, I had a list of everyone I was getting a gift for and what I potentially wanted to get them. I was spending like I had money to spend! And somehow I was still shopping on December 24th. (Ironically, I am not a fan of shopping it stresses me out.) I just really wanted to buy everyone everything! I kept updating my friends on my Christmas shopping and one them said, “even the dog got a gift!” That was her telling me I clearly needed to stop because I had bought enough! If it wasn’t because I only had $9 left on my card I would of continued buying gifts!

Everyone was so happy and pleased! I was filled with bliss! My family kept saying my gifts were creative and thoughtful. My mom even cried when she opened the photo-book I got her of my college graduation. I was more than satisfied when I saw the happiness and joy that filled everyone’s eyes as they opened my gifts. I couldn’t have been more grateful to be surrounded by family. I’m truly blessed.

Christmas isn’t about us but about those we care for. It’s about being surrounded by happiness, joy and most importantly love. Christmas is about giving back; about making sure that those missing their loved ones or lacking happiness and joy are finding comfort through you on such a beautiful holiday. Lets not forget that! 

No More

It would be easy to let disappointment and failure overcome you… to let them discourage you from whatever goals you may have set for yourself. Ironically, the hardest part would be to pick yourself up and find it within yourself to keep going and strive for greatness. I find it extremely difficult to stay positive when something negative happens. I have always been a bit of a pessimist and have always blamed myself for my failures and disappointments. However, I have reached a point where I am ready to say “no more.” No more blaming myself, no more long periods of time asking “what did I do wrong,” and no more focusing on all the negatives; never seeing the positives. Yes, it absolutely sucks to get hurt by life’s unpleasant surprises but instead of using those negatives as weights to keep you down, pick up those weights and strengthen yourself; use them to continue to build yourself up and mold your life into what you have always envisioned it to be.

This holiday season I have to say I am extremely blessed. I have my family with me, a roof over my head, I am employed, there is a beautiful tree in my living room and I have the means to be able to repay my family for all their love and support this year. Life is a gift, precious and not guaranteed and during such a beautiful holiday season like Christmas, I want nothing but positivity in my life, regardless of the negatives I might face. It won’t be easy but the key is to remember everything you have to be grateful for and everything you have yet to accomplish. I have so many goals and dreams and cannot let anything get in my way! So join me this holiday season in saying NO MORE! Is time to push forward and enjoy what life has to offer.