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Orientation Shock

My first lunch at Vesalius (peep the beer?)

Achille’s Tattoo!

Today was my first day of orientation, it’s a four day event, and from the moment I stepped foot in Vesalius College I made a friend! She was just as lost as me and together we found our destination! As soon as I sat down I met another friend… and another… and another! I have never made friends so quickly at an orientation! There were people from everywhere! Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Chicago,Brazil, Philadelphia, New Hampshire and so many other places! To tell you I wasn’t even the only Dominican! o_O! So much for feeling unique! đŸ™‚ Throughout the day I just witnessed and experienced things I never thought I would. First my new friend Skyler  had the coolest tattoo of Achilles! me being the classic’s lover I am I just had to snap a pic! Made me wish for a second I was taking a classic’s class this semester, but Vesalius doesn’t offer any. (Thanks to that I have to work my ass off when I get back to Rutgers to finish that Classic’s Humanities minor.)

The next thing that caught my eye was during lunch time. No big deal but we can have beer or wine with our lunch! Imagine my American shock! For those that don’t know Belgium is known for its production of beer! It is common for there to be beer everywhere in Belgium! Good thing I like the taste of beer. I heard there were even chocolate flavored beers! Now how odd is that?

Today was also the first day I took my new Samsung phone out for use. No No not the latest Android but one from the 90s! The one’s you don’t even know the model of anymore!

My phone in Belgium

Every time I look at that phone I remember how much I miss my Galaxy SII </3 I seriously had to hide my phone because It broke my heart to see it. As I waited for my host grandparents, once orientation was over, I just wanted to text, Facebook, and Instagram so badly! But since I couldn’t I tried to use the time for some meditation…well I think I did.

My day was so eventful! I’m seriously excited to see what comes next!