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Savannah, Georgia Pt.1

Roulette is a game of chance. Once you spin the wheel it is up to chance to decide where the ball will land.

Thinking “here goes nothing” could be the start of everything – Drew Wagner

A few months back my friend Shakia and I let chance decide where our next travel adventure would be. Jetblue was offering a series of flight specials that we just couldn’t pass up. I wrote down all our possible options in pieces of paper, folded them and jumbled them up on my night stand… and just like that we played travel roulette; we were booked to go to Savannah, Georgia in November.

Day 1 

We arrived to the Savannah Hilton Head International airport excited and slightly tired from our lack of sleep. We picked up our Enterprise rental car and after chatting it up with the friendly employee (wish I remembered his name) we were on our way to our hotel at La Quinta Inn and Suites in Pooler, Georgia. We were so excited about our trip that we completely forgot about check-in. We arrived around 10am and check-in wasn’t until 1pm…we were stuck. So what do two girls with nothing to do at 10am end up doing?…yupp we went shopping.


I’ve never been to the Tanger Outlets  but my first time in one and Oldnavy was having a spectacular sale. Good sales are like kryptonite to us and if it wasn’t because we had to fit everything into our suitcase, we probably would of spent all of our money shopping before even exploring Savannah!


After we finally checked in and freshened up we were off to Tybee Island. It was the perfect day to be around the beach with the 80 degree Georgian weather. Our first stop was the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum ($9 well spent!)


The view was breathtaking. I’m a true sucker for a beautiful scenery.


I felt completely at peace and content with life. I’ve said it over and over again…there is nothing like the simple moments in life. 

As the sun started setting and the clouds got darker, we headed to the beach.

Savannah 7

The sand was filled with broken shells and the air smelled fresh with a hint of salt water. I continued to feel content even as the horizon was warning us of a storm coming our way.

I took it is a metaphor…even though hard times are ahead, be grateful for what you’ve accomplished and what you have gained thus far in your life.

As rain drops started to fall, we ended our night by heading to the The Crab Shack. We got our hands dirty and devoured our fresh crabs. I recommend the Deviled Crab! It’s basically a crab cake made with real crab meat. It was absolutely delicious.

While we walked out and waved at the alligator (yes, there were alligators in a pond) we realized how exhausted we were. It was time for bed.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all – Helen Keller

To be continued…

Laundry, Birthday, & Shopping

Belgian Laundromat

The table of food!

Friday, it was back to the Laundromat, I have 6 more laundry trips after this one. Like last time I only had 2 loads of clothes (dark colors and light colors) all for 8 Euros. I was sure that this time around I would get the hang of the machines. I put the clothes to wash and then left for about a half hour to let the clothes wash (laundromat is only down the street from where I live.) When I came back I realized that I needed to put detergent for the second wash where I put detergent for the first wash ._. (The machine washes your clothes twice so you have to pour detergent twice) I don’t get why there needs to be two washes and four different places to insert detergent and softener! After studying the picture that indicates where all the different types of detergent and softerner go I am determined to get it right the next time! But nonetheless my clothes were washed ^_^ Plus It only takes each load 20min to dry which only cost 1 euro a load! ^_^Just had to add that because it made me happy!

Mother-Daughter Love! ❤

That night was my host mom’s birthday celebration! Her daughter made all the preparations for the festivities…She’s only 10 years old. She made the invitations, e-mailed them, got the decorations, a gift for her mom, cooked, decorated, DJ-ed the party and hosted all of us! That had to be one of the sweetest things I’ve seen! Everything came out great! She did an exceptional job! The food was wonderful and she had a cute fun theme going on! I just love seeing a beautiful mother-daughter relationship! They make me smile and miss my mom  Side note: One of my host moms friends brought caviar! First time I’ve ever tasted it and it was delish! It was salmon, sour cream, and caviar in a little cup! ^_^ 

Shopping at H&M in Brussels

Today, my host mom took me to a mall! I’m not a shopper but it was interesting to see how malls here are still regular malls. I had to do some small shopping. I needed a thicker sweater with a hood because all this cold and rain isn’t doing me any good. I ended up shopping at H&M because I knew I would of found what I needed (bought myself a shirt dress and a hat as well.) As she drove us to the mall I realized how different it is to look at Brussels from inside a car. I was in awe at how we went from older buildings to newer buildings in seconds. We even drove in a highway with so many trees and bushes! It seriously reminded me of back home! Brussels is filled with so much diversity even in it’s scenery! It made me want to go on one of those bus tours!

Keepin’ It Fancy With Street Smarts!

Christophe Robin Hair Salon

Thursday was a day of experiences! I had a free appointment at the hair salon all thanks to my internship at Accessible Art Fair. I had the 10 O’Clock appointment and DID NOT want to be late because this was a top notch fancy hair dresser. The day before I wrote the most intricate and detailed directions because I was determined NOT to get lost! I wore my flaming red high wasted red pants, a small black belt, a black half sleeved shirt, long black boots, and a leopard scarf. Chic was a must since I was about to mingle with upper class Europeans! I get to Atelier Christophe Robin Beauty Salon five minutes early… I was so happy that Google Maps didn’t dissapoint… and as soon as I got there immediately was asked if I wanted something to eat or drink. I was CLEARLY not at a Dominican hair salon! I was humble and just asked for water. The man that was attending me was full of tattoos, had gauges for earrings, and was simply just amazing! He was ridiculously nice, and let me just say knew how to handle hair! What blew my mind was the area to wash hair. The chair was a massage chair that reclined and the head massage that the washer gave me was more than heavenly! If this is how upper class people get there hair done everyday I can sooo get used to it!  Ultimately, my hair came out stunning! I was so pleased with the results! Nothing like a free day at the hair salon to start your day.

Avenue Louise Night!

Avenue Louise Night!

No other choice but to “Window shop”

Middle of the day I went over to my friend Talya’s house to wait for our other friend Brielle to get out of class, we were going to Avenue Louise Night. It was a night where all of Avenue Louise upper scale stores were open past closing hours. Basically a night where the rich people/people willing to waste money shop and the free loaders get drunk of free Champagne or wine. Well as we wait for Brielle and I decide to use the bathroom, completely forgetting my lame phone was in my back pocket, I pull down my pants and poof phone falls into the water. .__. As I realize it fell I literally stared at it for almost 2 full min before deciding to pull it out and run (pants not fully on) to the living room to try to see if it still works. After being fully submerged in water the crappy phone STILL manages to work! Who would of thought! o_O

Well due to this phone incident I leave my phone at Talya’s and Brielle’s place .__. Which meant traveling back home after dark by myself! I am not the biggest fan of walking alone at night! I had to take 2 Trams from where I was to get home. But of course I missed the first Tram by a minute! The Tram at night take forever to come so I decided to walk to the 2nd Tram’s stop ( a 20min walk.) When I made it to the stop I was so happy 2 see to women there. However, my shins were killing me and I was sweating furiously from how fast I was walking! Once I get off at my stop I bring out my street smarts! Phone in one hand and keys in the other ready to attack anyone that approaches me. I make sure I stayed away from too dark areas and walked like my life depended on it! The streets were just too quiet for my likings. I made it home out of breath and sweating like I just had a full blown work-out! .__.

My Happy Place

Phoenix 44

I woke up wanting to look pretty for my internship. I put on stockings (it’s getting chilly here,) a dress, my brown boots, which have thick semi-high heels, and a nice scarf as a finishing touch. I felt very pretty and professional because I picked up my hair to make a perfect bun. But before heading to my internship I had to buy ID tags for the Art Fair this weekend. I felt ready for the journey since I looked up the directions, to one of the 10 locations the store’s website gave me, the night before on Google Maps (I realized the Belgian website for directions is just as bad.) I left my house at 9am towards my internship office because I figured it would be easier to get to the store from there. I started off at the circle with the Phoenix 44 sculpture (the first sculpture I laid eyes on when I first stepped foot in Avenue Louise the day of my internship interview.) 

“Schleiper” store

This is where the story gets complicated so pay close attention… So it took me like 20min to find the bus stop. Circles are a pain!! Yet again, I went around the entire circle before realizing I just had to make a left at the office .__. I end up getting off at the wrong stop because the bus decided not to activate the screen that tells you the name of the different stops… I ended up miscounting the stops I needed to pass before getting off… I try to find the bus that would take me back how I came but since I couldn’t find it I try to backtrack the route the bus took to the last stop. I was successful but soon came to realize that the bus to go back didn’t stop at the stop I needed to get off at .__. I decide to try what I did the last time and find the stop before the one I was currently at. However, unlike the first time that was a complete FAIL! I walked for about 45min until I just decided to go back to where I was before and catch the bus to the next stop and just take it from there. I waited for that bus for almost an hour! When the bus finally arrived and I get off at the next stop I was so annoyed to realize all I had to do was walk down the road! Of course the stop ended up being another circle ._. So what I do? I go around the entire circle before realizing I should of made the turn away from the circle. Makes sense that none of the streets around the circle would be the stop I needed to get off at since the circle had it’s own bus stop. Finally! I found the right bus stop and eventually found the store! It was awhile since I have gotten lost. Guess it was about that time.

So I’m at the store and it turns out to be a cute arts and crafts store. It made me think of how much I miss scarpbooking. After looking around and not finding ID tags I decide to ask the employee where to find them. She goes on to telling me they don’t have any at that store; that the cashier can give me the address to the store (one of the 10) where I can find them. I immediately call my co-intern and turns out that I’m at the wrong store! I was suppose to go to the office supply store (one of the 10) that turns out to be around the corner from the Conrad Hotel (where the Art fair is taking place.) .__. 

The simple park

At this point it’s taking everything inside me to not get furious. My feet were throbbing from walking with those boots! As I walked back to the bus stop I kept telling myself “go to a happy place.” Then I stopped and realized I found a park! I sat down, closed my eyes, and felt the breeze on my face. At that moment I thought how amazing it would of been if the park had a swing! I thought about how peaceful it is to swing and not think about anything but the breeze and how free it feels. Instead on focusing how I just wasted two bus rides on my transportation pass, I thought about how happy swinging makes me… I found my happy place 🙂 

Caesar Salad

 I got to my internship at about 12:30pm and decided to treat myself to a Caesar salad from this place called Guapa. Omg! It was the freshest Caesar salad I have ever had!! It made everything better! The chicken was so tender and it had fresh slices of parmesan cheese! Even the right amount of dressing was given! I was impressed! 

My new heels

Finished off my adventure with purchasing my first pair of European heels! I realized that I needed heels for the VIP Night of the Art Fair on Saturday. So I went off to do the quickest purchase ever! I don’t take long to shop. The heels here are much thicker because of all the cobblestone streets. I don’t really like the shapes of the heels here so I tried finding something close to what I’m used too since I won’t be walking on cobblestone while I’m wearing them. Cute enough right?


Euros! >:O!!!!!

They truly make me feel like I’m wasting way too much money! Though, my friend Carly told me I should see it as spending not wasting but my cheap self can’t help it! Yahoo Finance is telling me that $1 = .79 Euros. I seriously didn’t want to think about it but today as I shopped at this beauty store, Di Beauty & Care a popular chain of beauty stores in Belgium, I just felt like everything was too expensive!

Products I bought today

First of all! The only body product (lotion and soap) I use in America that Europe has is Dove. I like to use St. Ives face wash, sometimes Bioré, also St. Ives body lotion. Unfortunately, it seems like those products aren’t sold in Belgium I was stuck choosing between Nivea and Garnier. There were other products but I honestly was not going to risk it. I chose Garnier because I use their hair products but I had NO IDEA they also made face wash and all these other products! The total for the three products came out to be 12.47 Euros, which Yahoo Finance tells me is 15.7035!!! 😥 Makes me want to cry! Especially because I had to recharge my sim card with 15 Euros so I could get unlimited texting for a month! I don’t even want to know what the conversion of that is! ._. I’ve been paying everything with cash so now that I started using my card it just all been hitting me…… The European life!


Muffin de chocolat

Muffin au chocolat

To make myself feel better I stopped by the pâtisserie/Boulangery (bakery) around the corner from my house and bought

myself a “muffin au chocolat” chocolate muffin! ^__^ It lifted up my spirits! This bakery could be a problem! Good thing I started doing some crunches at night 😉

Last minute packing 101

Where I shopped

When it comes to traveling there is one thing I can’t stand and that is packing! So of course I leave packing, for a 5 month trip to Belgium, for the last minute. I wish I can take my entire room, preferably just all my shoes, but unfortunately I am limited to one suitcase and one carry on…A mission indeed if you ask me. Then there is also the problem of my dislike for shopping. Thanks to that I needed to buy way too many things for this trip. So these last two days involved shopping in the morning and packing at night, equaling to a very exhausted girl. Luckily I ended one of my nights with Popeyes, which makes up for the stressful day! Hmm I wonder if there’s a Popeyes in Belgium? I highly doubt it though.

I’m very nervous about this trip! Never left home for such a long time but it should all be worth it! I plan on going on many adventures and enjoying everyday even if it rains! I don’t plan on taking this for granted because getting to live this experience definitely wasn’t easy. I’m definitely grateful especially for my mom she’s done so much to make this happen! And of course the support from the rest of my family and friends!

Belgium better be ready for me! 🙂

In the process of packing

Well deserved dinner