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Graze Box

I love trying new things.

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” – Mark Twain

Graze Box is a snack subscription box.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yet so dangerous at the same time [inserts laugh.]

Graze offers over 100 nutritious and unique snacks.
Each snack comes packaged in a small rectangular box that carries one portion of either 8 snacks ($11.99) or 4 snacks ($6.99.) – A “Sharing Box” is also available for $25 (first box $20.) This box carries 5 bags of snacks which amounts to 20 portions.   
You can order the box for a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly subscription.

What’s to LOVE?
The snacks are delicious and healthy! Health and nutrition is of utmost priority for this box. [Read Here] Each snack portion is under 150 calories! They also contain either protein, vitamins, whole grain, fiber…all stuff that is very good for you. On the website you get to look through the hundreds of snacks offered and rate the snacks, (this can help eliminate snacks you might possibly not like) sort of customizing your box to your liking. Though, you still have no idea what you may receive when you open your box. However, the more you rate the more of a pleasant surprise the box will be. This box is great for work, class, or in betweens (you know those moments you’re standing somewhere and hear your stomach growling or waiting at the bus stop.) You can also snooze your box, in other words pause the box for a few weeks until you are ready to restart it again.

No really! This box can be dangerous (if you let it.) For example, I caught myself eating my entire box of 4 in less than three hours at work! All because I had it there just starring at me with it’s deliciousness. Same thing almost happened with box #2 until I stopped myself and practiced some self control. Moral of the story is make sure you get the right subscription for you! Some people are just better off with the bi-weekly or monthly subscription, others can do just fine with a weekly subscription.

Overall, I like this box and think it’s a good investment. If you love trying snacks or just need to keep a snack or two with you at all times I would give it a try.

Check their Facebook Page out!

Snack Shops

Marinara Chicken Pita Wrap for lunch! 🙂

What comes to mind when you hear the word snack?

Well I think of chips, candy, chocolates, pastries, even fruits if I’m feeling healthy. You know the type of things you would usually find in a corner store in the States.

If you go to a snack shop in Belgium don’t expect to find that! There will most likely be “frites” Belgian fries, pita wraps, food, and a ton of incredients to have someone make you your own sub! That’s a snack in Belgium! I have a feeling that a snack to them is what we consider lunch! Talk about a culture difference! 

My internship boss invited all the interns out for lunch today.

Snack Libonais

She wanted  to thank us for putting in so much hard work for the Art Fair coming up next week. (Check out the website for Accessible Art Fair it’s pretty cool!) She took us to Snack Libonais a very chill snack shop with seating in the back. She ordered Marinara Chicken Pita wraps for all four of us with “Frites!” It was absolutely delicious! This place might be a problem for me in the near future! 🙂

Well as they say here “Bon Appetite”