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Relief kicking in as I waited for the tram!

The sense of relief I feel truly feels amazing!

Today, I took the second part of my French midterm and handed in my annual report assignment (we made up a company) for my Business Writing and Social Networking class. All I have left is a French presentation on Wednesday. After that I have no big assignments due until November! I just hope I get good grades on all my midterms and assignments.

E Building Classroom

Random sink

My French exam was inside the actual VUB school. Since VeCo is just a partner school with VUB we have classes in a building next to Citi Bank across the street from one of the exits of the VUB campus. The building is shared with other institutions so we only use 2 floors in the entire building. It felt nice to actually walk around a campus building. The classroom was in the E building and it was a lecture room. When I walked inside I was reminded of Rutgers! I have always had at least one lecture class every semester since my Freshman year. I’m not used to a small school at all! It felt nicebeing in a big room with seats and desks.

Side note: No idea why there was a random sink in the room O_o

Carbonated Ice Tea





I also decided to get myself one of the famous European “snack subs…” I felt I deserved it. I usually get a Kaas when I buy them at school (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrots, lettuce, and honey mustard.) This time I decided to try the Mona Lisa (Italian ham, parmesan cheese, lettuce, and dressing.) To drink I ordered an ice tea. Once I take a sip I realized the ice tea is made with carbonated water! Seriously everything here has carbonated water! I don’t mind it but the ice tea!!! Really? .__.


This rainbow makes me feel like there are
only good things waiting for me at the end of the road!

A lot can change in one day. It’s crazy how by the end of the day everything seems different than from when you woke up this morning. Yesterday, I was excited about the Corporate Communications and Public Relations class I took… well now I have to drop it and take the professor’s other class Business Writing and Social Networking Applications. I figured since it’s a more media related class I can try to scheme some RU credits and maybe try to actually graduate on time! Things can never be easy with RU. My internship offer was finally finalized today so starting next week my trips to the Accessible Art Fair office will become more current. Hope I don’t get as lost as I did the first day I traveled there. eek! I also made my first hair appointment at a “coiffure” hair salon near my current school, Vesalius. That should be an interesting experience.

Today, I had my first Intercultural Communications class and boy was the class full of culture! There was a girl from Argentina, another from Ecuador, and twin boys that were French and Dominican. I had no idea that, that mix even existed! So much for me being the only Dominican at Vesalius! That’s three Dominicans I found already! There was even a handful of kids from Jersey and kids from all over the states! I loved being in that atmosphere!

I’m finally home and call my mom as usual. I like to update her on my abroad activities. Plus is nice to hear her voice. Experiences

Keeping it classy in Belgium!

like these really make you closer to your family and close friends. Makes you appreciate them more. Also makes you see who’s really there for you throughout the distance. I always believed that whatever makes it through long distances is there for the long run! 

Chocolate pie! with Belgian chocolate! ^__^

My host mom arrived last night with her daughter Lou! She is the sweetest girl!!! With the most adorable French accent! In the morning I spoke to her for an hour about my fascination for owl jewelry and talked to her about my family. When they arrived from shopping this afternoon she brought me an owl notebook! She literally made my afternoon with that amazing gesture! She then asked me to help her cook dinner! I can proudly say I officially cooked my first meal in Belgium! It was Paella rice with vegetables, baked cheese on top, ham on the side, and a fresh small tomato! Absolutely DELICIOUS! She even made dessert!!! Chocolate pie and yes! with Belgian Chocolate! We ended the night with “Fashion Victime” Sweet Home Alabama. How that became the name of the movie in French beats me! I love that movie so I was excited to hear the French version!

Now to go to sleep with the sound of raindrops on my window pane! 😀 Sounds like a peaceful sleep ahead of me!    

A Day of Realization

The Tram

Today was one of those days that felt really long, but you quite don’t seem to know what exactly has you so tired because you didn’t really do much. I had 2 classes back to back, one 3 hour class and the other one 1.5 hours. However, when I got out of class I felt really content with my day. Even though it felt like a really long day I feel like I got a lot out of it.

My first class is called Corporate Communications and Public Relations. I’ve never taken a class of this sort because my major is Journalism and Media Studies, but surprisingly it seemed like an interesting class. Rutgers divides communications and journalism but most schools combine  them, this being the case at Vesalius. In this class throughout the entire semester I get to analyze the corporation of my choice. I want to choose a corporation that deals with films and television shows, which is the industry I’m interested in being involved with. The class also allows me to experience some pretty amazing opportunities like attending the FoodDrinkEurope annual conference. In this conference CEO’s from some of Europe’s most important food and drink companies will be present! Never thought I would have the opportunity to experience something of that sort.

After classes were over I walked out the building took a deep breath and walked over to my usual tram stop, VUB. Of course, my tram left me while I was across the street so I was stuck waiting for the next one, no worries though because the breeze felt spectacular.

As I walked back from school and the cool breeze blew on my face I thought “I feel good about myself and boy am I happy right

VUB stop

now!”  There’s nothing better than the feeling of having a clean slate and starting over again. Or the feeling of mending within yourself wounds that were still not fully healed.  Or just knowing that you’ve accomplished something that you worked hard for. An experience like this just truly humbles you and helps you appreciate everything you have in life especially the people you love and the one’s that stick with you through the distance apart. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I definitely will return back to the states a better person. 🙂